“Enjoying all aspects of the class, social interaction and health benefits” – Jenny aged 74

Keeping active is beneficial at any age, but especially so as we grow older. Everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, shopping, housework, driving, gardening, walking or doing leisure activities may become harder if we don’t stay active.

“Move it or Lose it is great, made even better with a very good instructor which we have with Margaret”
Barbara aged 82

Research shows it’s never too late to reap the health benefits from a more active lifestyle. Staying active may actually be the key to helping you maintain independence and live a healthy lifestyle.

If you’ve been inactive for a while or have an age-related health problem, you might be reluctant to start exercising or maybe you’ve been looking for a suitable exercise class but been unable to find one?


A MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!® exercise class could be just what you are looking for, to help you achieve your goal of building up your strength, improving your health and in the process, reducing the risk of falls and other health conditions.

MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!® is a national programme of low impact exercises specifically designed for older adults to help improve Flexibility, Aerobics, Balance and Strength (also known as FABS), all of which are vital for everyday living and independence.

You work at your own pace, and all exercises can be done seated, standing, or holding onto a chair, depending on mobility. It’s a fantastic way to socialise, make new friends, keep fit, and have fun whilst doing it!

The class members’ ages range from 55 to 96 – proving that there is no age limit to exercise!

Remember – it’s never too late to start exercising, and every little helps to keep you active, mobile, and healthy for longer. There’s a warm welcome for everyone who attends, and your first session is FREE.