About Margaret


Hi! My name is Margaret. Welcome to my site!

I qualified as a Specialist Fitness Instructor for MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!® in December 2019 after completing a course of theory and practical learning. I’d previously worked in the NHS as a Registered Dietitian for 33 years, so this was a total change of career for me!

I’ve always been an active person, and enjoy walking, playing table tennis, and attending gym classes including yoga and Pilates. I love the camaraderie of exercise classes, and besides helping me to stay fit, this has also opened up a whole new circle of friends for me!

I’m also passionate about encouraging people to stay active, which I feel is especially important as we get older. Often, it’s the everyday things that can become difficult as we age, such as dressing, carrying shopping, cleaning, washing, lifting things, gardening and even driving, all tasks that allow us to live independently. If our physical health deteriorates and we are unable to get out and about, this can also impact negatively on our mental health causing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

As a MOVE IT OR LOSE IT!® Instructor I work within the guidelines of the national programme of exercises created by the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Healthy Ageing Research, and I am proud to be part of a national network of instructors delivering exercise classes to the over 60’s age group.

However, I do more than just deliver an exercise class. I create a friendly, welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for everyone, whatever their ability or mobility. I fully engage with everyone who attends my classes and take an interest in their health and wellbeing by encouraging and motivating them. After class, my members can also enjoy a cuppa and a chat at the community hub at Emmanuel Church which is a great way to make new friends!

It is personally rewarding to see people enjoying the classes, and reaping the positive benefits it has on their physical and mental health. I understand how difficult it may be for some people to attend an exercise class on their own, especially if it’s something they haven’t done before, but please be reassured that you will be made to feel very welcome and become part of a friendly group of likeminded people all working together to improve their fitness levels, whilst looking out for each other.

I’d love to welcome you to one of my classes, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!